Connoisseur: New World Whisky
  • Connoisseur: New World Whisky

  • £35.00

Available for pre-order now, for delivery early December.


Whisky is now produced all over the world, producing incredible diversity of flavours never seen before. Explore five whiskies made in exotic locations from Scandinavia to Australia.

This tasting includes: 

Mackmyra Gront Ti 

Cotswolds Peated  

Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt 

Starward Nova  

Kavalan Single Malt  


Our 'Connoisseur' level experiences are curated with established whisky lovers in mind, although an expert level of knowledge isn't required before treating yourself to these amazing whiskies! These flights contain five of our premium level whiskies with an RRP of up to £95 each per bottle. Treat yourself to something special and kick back with this in-depth, informative flavour experience exploring the regions of your choice.

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