BTAC Tasting with Antique Whiskey Pairing 27/11/17
  • BTAC Tasting with Antique Whiskey Pairing 27/11/17

  • £120.00

Join us for the biggest event of the season for American Whiskeys. We will be exploring the 2017 Buffalo Trace Antique Collection: Eagle Rare 17, Sazerac 18, Thomas H Handy, George T Stagg and William Larue Weller. To add to his incredible line up, we will be exploring these whiskeys from the last 100 years of Bourbon production to highlight the changes in bourbon starting with a verified bottle from prohibition distilled in 1917, a Stitzel Weller Very Very Old Fitzgerald 12 Year Old and an old bottling of Blanton's... A true, once in a lifetime tasting!


And if that was not enough, we will be raffling our entire allocation of the Antique Collection and the legendary Van Winkles as well.

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